The History of the Web is a project by me (Jay Hoffmann). It’s a side project that over the years has evolved into a few different things.

It’s a twice-monthly newsletter you can sign up for right here…

Emails go out on the first and third Tuesday of every month with a new story. I end each month with what I've been calling my weblog — a collection of web history related links I've collected for the month. Most of my posts are pretty short, giving you a snapshot of the web's history in under 10 minutes. Sometimes they're a bit longer.

It’s an ongoing timeline that charts the web’s history…

This project began as a personal research project. In doing so, my goal was to create a detailed timeline that spans the entire history of the web. That journey continues and I add to the timeline on this site frequently. Most of my ideas come from researching for this timeline, and I try to call that out in the posts themselves when I publish them.

Here’s a few things I’ve added to the timeline recently.

The Full Timeline

It's also a blog...

I wouldn't be a good citizen of the web (read: netizen) if I didn't host all of this on my website. So everything I publish and have published can be found right here. To make things easier to find, I've broken everything out into a few categories.


Main stories, part of the timeline


Shorter stories, outside timeline

Site Spotlight

The greatest websites in (web) history


Your monthly link roundup, web focused, history adjacent

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