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Unraveling the web's story

  • Where does SEO come from?
    In 2007, one person tried to lay claim to the term SEO. But SEO had been invented by a community. It couldn’t be owned.
  • Beware the cloud of hype
    We don’t know how this AI thing will turn out, but there is much to be learned from the cycles of hype that have already occurred on the web.
  • The Analog Web
    On reclaiming the web’s lost humanity, and the people still very much trying to do it.
  • Filling gaps with a polyfill
    In the early 2000s, Web 2.0 prompted new web standards, HTML5 and CSS3. Developers used ‘shims’ and ‘polyfills’ for browser compatibility, fostering innovation.
  • We’ve been waiting 20 years for this
    The indie web may be back. But if is, it is likely in a way we least expect.
  • // Jay

    How to Block IE6

    If it’s the early 2000s you might make a dire decision: it’s time to block IE6.
  • The internet’s openness, championed by pioneers like Tim Berners-Lee, as well as concerns over its limitations, are explored in a retrospective on the history and future of the open web. The duality of its freedom – a gift and a constraint – points to the need for a more inclusive and diverse online landscape.In my work on the History of the Web, that’s a view that I’ve often taken. But when we look back the web (sometimes fondly tinted with nostalgia) we must be careful to couch that perspective in the bias of its early history.
  • Wait, what’s a bookmarklet?
    How this one small browser quirk turned into a tool used by countless people for decades.
  • Building ColdFusion for the web
    When the Allaire brothers were looking for a way to build websites, nothing stuck out. So they built their own and called it Coldfusion.
  • I just learned that Molly Holzschlag has passed. She was a tireless advocate for the principles of the open web. She fought for them for decades, and she never stopped fighting for them. She was an uproarious champion of the web and she always, always, always led from her heart. When I started this crazy […]
  • AOL Pretends to be the Internet
    In 1994, Ted Leonsis was the head of the new media marketing firm he created, Redgate Communications, spun out six years earlier from a CD-ROM based computer shopping business. Redgate dealed in digital media—sometimes called new media—new territory in the marketing world. And he was pretty good at it. That year, he went out to […]
  • When the wizards of the web met
    On July 28, 1993, a group of web pioneers met in a small room for a few days. For many, it was the first time they had ever met.