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  • Building ColdFusion for the web

    Building ColdFusion for the web

    When the Allaire brothers were looking for a way to build websites, nothing stuck out. So they built their own and called it Coldfusion. Continue reading

  • 15 Years of WordPress

    15 Years of WordPress

    It was January of 2003, and 19 year old blogger and amateur programmer Matt Mullenweg was distraught. In a post on his blog titled The Blogging Software Dilemma, Mullenweg wrote: My logging software hasn’t been updated for months, and the main developer has disappeared, and I can only hope that he’s okay. Mullenweg’s “logging software” was… Continue reading

  • Plagued by Ads

    Plagued by Ads

    Here’s a message from the creator of the first-ever pop-up ad: It’s obvious now that what we did was a fiasco, so let me remind you that what we wanted to do was something brave and noble. It was my intention to take a look at the history of ads to see how we ended up in… Continue reading

  • How Dreamweaver Got Its Name

    How Dreamweaver Got Its Name

    When Kevin Lynch started going around and talking to web designers, he wrote everything down. He was interested in the hurdles that designers and developers had to overcome, but he was particularly drawn to what they envisioned as the perfect web editing tool. What features, specifically, were they looking for? After a few months of collecting data,… Continue reading

  • The Evolution of Blogging

    The Evolution of Blogging

    By 2001, the world blog had entered Internet vernacular, both as a noun and a verb. Mena Trott was one of these bloggers. Her site, A Dollar Short, went up in April of 2001. With the launch of her site, Trott aimed big. She loved blogging, and she aspired to be one of the best. So she set… Continue reading

  • Flash And Its History On The Web

    Flash And Its History On The Web

    Flash is a definitive part of the web’s history. And like many technologies that get caught in the web’s web, it has a rather storied history of its own. But from basically the beginning, it’s development has run parallel to the web’s. Flash got started, conceptually, the day that Jonathan Gay met Charlie Jackson at… Continue reading

  • The Window at the Cafe

    The Window at the Cafe

    Thanks to the web, in 1999 (or thereabouts), you might find yourself at home, staring at the virtual window of your computer screen, looking out the very real windows of your favorite cyber café. Continue reading

  • A Moment In Time with Editors

    A Moment In Time with Editors

    Let’s go back to 1996, in Boston, at the annual Macworld Expo. Not a great year for Apple mind you. It wouldn’t be until a year later that Steve Jobs would make his return, and sales were at an all time low. But it was an excellent time for the web. In June of 1995… Continue reading