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  • March 2021 Weblog: Trusting in the Standard

    A look at the work that standards makes possible, and the kinds of hypertext that were never fully realized Continue reading

  • The Most Ill-Timed Website in History

    The Most Ill-Timed Website in History

    There are a near infinite number of sites that have launched that you’ve never heard about. This is likely one of them. But if not for poor timing, it may have been primed for success. Continue reading

  • February 2021 Weblog: A Healthy Web

    A report on the health of the Internet, and efforts to improve that health, bring us in to a new year. Continue reading

  • January 2021 Weblog: Taking the Power Back

    This month, a look at the power center in tech in the wake of a move to de-platform hate, and what the future of the personal site might look like. Continue reading

  • The man who drove from coast to coast

    The man who drove from coast to coast

    When the web was still knew, one man decided to get on his motorcycle and do something about it. Continue reading

  • Excerpt from Chapter 5: Webzines Find Their Voice

    What follows is an excerpt from the latest chapter an ongoing series I’ve been writing for the last few months at CSS Tricks, the full thing is a bit long to include all at once. It’s about webzines, a part of web’s history I find myself returning to frequently. They were responsible for the tone… Continue reading

  • Hot Hot Hot Sauce

    Hot Hot Hot Sauce

    When they opened their door to the public in the early 1990’s, Hot Hot Hot had over 320 hot sauce options. The Pasadena-based hot sauce retailer was started by Perry and Monica Lopez. They were a local business. Nevertheless, they found ways to stand out. Their hot sauce varieties came with a slew of absurd… Continue reading

  • August 2020 Weblog: A Change in the Web

    The Complete History, by me If you haven’t seen it yet, the first three chapters of my ongoing series at CSS Tricks is up. I’m going through the entire history of the web from the beginning, in order, chapter by chapter. It’s the most in-depth writing I’ve done and I’m incredibly proud to have the… Continue reading

  • Fandom, Folksonomies, and Tagging Things Right

    Fandom, Folksonomies, and Tagging Things Right

    The fan fiction community is tough. Resilient. Fandom — a catch-all term that includes fan fiction writers, readers, and participants at various levels — is more than stories featuring characters and situations plucked from pop culture. It’s a dynamic and evolving culture with a decades-long history that started out in the real world, but grew… Continue reading

  • I have some news

    Starting today, I will have an ongoing series at CSS-Tricks that we’re just calling Web History. It’s a chapter by chapter look at the entirety of the web’s history. From day one onward. Each chapter tackles a different theme and I’ll be bouncing back and forth through history, but generally moving in chronological order. The… Continue reading

  • July 2020 Weblog: It Can Be Our Web

    This month, finding your own space on the web, exploring the magic and quirks and possibilities of CSS, and (re)discovering community. Continue reading

  • What Happened to the Webmaster

    The webmaster was once a coveted and important role on the web. One day, it disappeared. This is what happened. Continue reading