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I have some news

Starting today, I will have an ongoing series at CSS-Tricks that we’re just calling Web History. It’s a chapter by chapter look at the entirety of the web’s history. From day one onward.

Each chapter tackles a different theme and I’ll be bouncing back and forth through history, but generally moving in chronological order. The goal is to take all of the spiraling threads of the web and tie them up in thematically linked bows. The first one is called Birth and you can read it right now.

This series is in many ways the culmination of years of research and writing about this very topic. It is something that I have been thinking about for some time, but have never managed to get quite right. It’s only after talking to the folks at CSS-Tricks that I finally found the right angle. It’s honestly a bit hard for me to contain my excitement. After working through this, I’m so happy I now get to share it.

I definitely have to thank Geoff Graham and Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks for working with me on this idea. I came to them with something very loose and ill defined and they helped me grow it into something I’m really proud of, fully formed and out there in the wild. But really, I have to thank all of you. Some of you have been part of this blog for 3+ years, since the beginning. Some of you have written kind words, or shared my posts, or let others know about this newsletter and blog. So thank you to all of you for following along as I get more and more tangled in a web of history.

Chapters 2 and 3 will each be published in the next couple of weeks. After that, I’m going to have another chapter come out every month or so. I’ll let you all know whenever a new chapter goes up, and I’ll be republishing them from time to time for those that are interested.

For now, I hope you enjoy Chapter 1.

Read it (and enjoy), share it (if you can) and thank you to everyone for following along.