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Maybe we change things up a bit?

I started this newsletter over five years ago. It started with a timeline and a single post. As I dug into research, I wanted to write something every week, and add to the timeline as I went. Over the years, I’ve experimented with longer posts and shorter posts and all kinds of schedules. But I still write about that web and I’m still working on that timeline.

In the last couple of years I tried something else. I started writing a more complete history of the entire web, over at CSS Tricks. Chapter by chapter, I was working through as much of the whole story as I could. While I was working on a chapter about the dot-com era, my research stalled, and that site changed hands and it kind of faded away.

I’m thinking of picking it back up, right where I left off, and writing new chapters. But this time, I might want to do it right here in this newsletter. My plan would be to send out each chapter in chunks on this blog when they’re ready, a little bit at a time, and maybe fill in gaps with errata and research and cool links and smaller stories. I’d publish as I write and research, just like I did at the beginning.

Or maybe not. And that’s what I want to ask all of you. Some of you are relatively new to this newsletter, and some, I know, have been reading for years. But no matter what, I’m curious what you all think, so I’m asking you, dear reader, for some feedback.

So here’s my question:
Should I return to my chapter by chapter look at the history of the web?