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  • Trying (and Failing) to be Cool

    Trying (and Failing) to be Cool

    The web’s turn into commercial may have happened quickly—it was largely complete by the end of the 1990’s—but that doesn’t mean it didn’t take a turn into the weird here and there. Case and point: Zima. Continue reading

  • Hot Hot Hot Sauce

    Hot Hot Hot Sauce

    When they opened their door to the public in the early 1990’s, Hot Hot Hot had over 320 hot sauce options. The Pasadena-based hot sauce retailer was started by Perry and Monica Lopez. They were a local business. Nevertheless, they found ways to stand out. Their hot sauce varieties came with a slew of absurd… Continue reading

  • The Tech: The First Newspaper published online

    The Tech: The First Newspaper published online

    The first newspaper published online is not what you think. It began with the smallest of steps, when a group of students chose to experiment with the web. Continue reading

  • CaringBridge: A Community Grown with Love

    CaringBridge: A Community Grown with Love

    Web communities started small, and many began with purpose. They radiated out from a single source, spread through close-knit circles and pre-viral word of mouth. We may have large social network behemoths that loom over the landscape and dominate the market these days, but they are a far more uniform and manufactured experience, one that’s… Continue reading

  • The First Thing That Ever Sold Online Was Pizza

    The First Thing That Ever Sold Online Was Pizza

    If you happened to live in Santa Cruz in 1994 you could sit down at your computer, open up your favorite browser, and then go ahead and order a pizza online. You could do all of this on PizzaNet, owned and operated by Pizza Hut. PizzaNet was an experiment that launched in the early 90’s,… Continue reading

  • Chabad-Lubavitch in Cyberspace

    Chabad-Lubavitch in Cyberspace

    ”When you go to the Internet and you read about Judaism, you go straight to the intellect and the stereotypes fall away.” – Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Kazen Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Kazen wanted to spread the message of Judaism to the world. He was, after all, a member of the Orthodox Jewish Hasidic movement, Chabad-Lubavitch, founded… Continue reading

  • The Web’s Youngest Teacher

    The Web’s Youngest Teacher

    If it was 1999, and you needed to learn to code, 13 year old Alyssa Daniels was there to help. Continue reading